About Us


Shabos is a multifaceted BEE company based in the Western Cape. Shabos vast range of services includes Business Marketing Consulting, Telecommunication Solutions, Security Solutions, Real Estate Services and Debt Management/Counselling Services.

Shabos was founded in 2007 by an aspiring business man, Juwaad Shabodien. His interest in establishing this multifaceted company was primarily through his extensive comprehension of the business world relating to telecommunication, security, property and the debt management industry. Furthermore, Mr. Shabodien’s realisation for the community’s needs and most of all his passion for people was the driving force behind this establishment. Mr. Shabodien felt that he needed to extend his knowledge of the industries to the ordinary man on the street and the business community. Through his expertise he has made the task of communication, security and the buying and selling of property a pleasantly memorable experience for many in these complex yet rife markets.

The respective industries has over the years evolved into highly professional and competitive markets; and due to the innovative management style of Juwaad Shabodien, Shabos has thrived and has rapidly expanded into an organisation offering a diverse range of products and services.

Mission Statement

Shabos is a company dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those who entrusts us with their most valuable assets. At Shabos we consistently pursue the most effective solutions in order to execute our clients’ needs most efficiently. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us therefore we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and we are committed to the highest level of honesty, confidentiality and integrity in all our undertakings!


Our sights are set on becoming the company of choice in the Western Cape in our respective fields. To be a company respected for our ethics, effectiveness and efficiency. To consistently provide a service that exceeds expectations. Our name should be renowned for our excellent service in guiding, advising and managing our clients’ most valuable possessions…their homes, businesses and finances.


In our endeavour to grow and expand our company, Shabos is committed to the advancement of black economic empowerment and will constantly seek innovative methods to provide opportunities to the previously disadvantaged people of South Africa. To extend franchise opportunities to likeminded individuals who share our vision.


Shabos consists of a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the fields of business marketing, telecommunication, security, real estate and debt management. In the nature of our business we form strategic alliances with specialist companies as and when required by a particular client. This enables us to assemble and co-ordinate a handpicked team of select professionals for each particular client in the most cost effective manner.